This site currently displays samples of work from three different clients to show the consistency and range of my work. I currently design for both print and web medias--from brochures and newsletters to web graphics, ecards (static and animated), and website maintenance. I've been working as a freelance graphic designer for 10 years.

Washington Mills

Client from 2009-present. I started working with Washington Mills in 2009, creating banner and tile ads to be displayed on industry publication websites. To cut costs, they wanted to limit the actual mailing of holiday cards and marketing postcards, replacing them with eblasts. I was contacted to create photo manipulated images that incorporate their products (raw materials for the ceramic industry). I have also worked with them on animated ecards. Samples of ecards are available upon request.


Client from 2009-present. I was originally hired by the Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorating Products to redesign their logo and create materials for their annual conference. I now design their brochures, conference signage, and newsletters, as well as update their website.

BNP Media

Client from 2006-2010. I created house banner and tile ads for websites of both Ceramic Industry magazine and Adhesive and Sealants Industry magazine. In 2010, a change in publisher resulted in ads being move to in-house production for these and several other magazines.

School Project

"Hot Dog" was the first piece created in a series that led me to create a dachshund series. This piece was created for an assignment using photo manipulation. It contains the main photo, two photos of the dachshund (back to back to give extra length), and a photo of ketchup and mustard.